Pricing $59 – $79 per week. Most Pay $69 per week.


Pricing $59 – $79 per week. Most Pay $69 per week.

Pinellas County Mobile Billboard Advertising

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No Contracts – No Commitments
High-Visibility Mobile Advertising

Our customers average 4,500 views per hour using our static or mobile billboards, ensuring your message reaches a wide and diverse audience, maximizing your brand’s visbility.

All-Inclusive Creative

With the ability to showcase up to 9 different messages, we ensure that your brand’s narrative is diverse, dynamic, and engaging to your target audience.

Cost-effective Advertising

Unlock cost-effective advertising with our budget-friendly options starting at just $59 – $79 per week, tailored for impactful exposure even with as little as 1 hour per week.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Mobile billboard advertising involves using large trucks or trailers with displays to show advertisements. Our mobile displays can either drive around high-traffic areas or park at strategic locations in Pinellas County and Tampa Bay, FL. This form of advertising ensures high visibility, reaching a broad audience as they move across the region.

No, we offer advertising solutions with zero contracts and zero commitments. You have the flexibility to choose how long you want to run your advertisement, starting from as little as one hour per week. This flexibility is ideal for businesses looking for short-term campaigns or those who want to test the effectiveness of mobile billboard advertising.
Our mobile and static billboards in Pinellas County and Tampa Bay typically average about 4,500 views per hour. This high visibility ensures your message reaches a vast audience, making it an effective advertising strategy.

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We drive results

“These mobile billboards have really helped my business grow. I’m very happy that I hired Eric and his team.”

Bed Bug Expert

“This has been an amazing way to advertise our cleaning business. People remember seeing the Tesla pulling a sign with our brand on it. The staff has been very knowledgeable of knowing where to go and when to be seen by the most people. And best of all.. it’s Affordable!”

Alisha Lewis – Owner, Maid to Order FL

“Five Stars and all the thumbs up! I took a chance 2 yrs ago and starting using Marathon Billboards. I immediately seen results for my company and still today my phone is ringing. This is my cheapest method of advertising but its my most effective advertising. I am super pleased with Marathon I highly recommend to any company.”

Adam Grebinger